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It Takes Two

Striving to better your health & The Planet.

Our food is unique because it is made with love, a deep rooted knowledge and admiration of the culinary arts. We are dedicated to change lives and care for our planet.


Johnnie Marie

Head Chef

    My name is Johnnie Garcia and I am the Head Chef for Herbiveats. I have been practicing the art of culinary and restaurant management since 2011. I have obtained my food handlers license, food managers certifications, and OSHA required testing. I have competed and been recognized in regional and state competitions for Culinary and restaurant management for my cooking skills and knowledge of nutrition.

    In regards to my expertise in veganism- I have been vegan since January 2018. Veganism to me is not a dietary restriction it's a lifestyle, one that empowers you, makes you stronger, saves the animals, helps in aiding the planet, and overall benefits our health. Veganism does not have to be an all or nothing approach. My goal is to aid in easing people onto a plant based way of life. I aim to do this easily, sustainably, and without lack of flavor or foods you've grown accustomed to love.

    The versatility of veganism is boundless, and you do not have to sacrifice flavor elements or things you grew up loving to enjoy a wonderful plant based meal.


4 years of education in Culinary Arts, Nutrition, & Restaurant Management


OSHA Certification

Food Managers Certification

Food Handlers License

Jake Sanchez

Sous Chef/Public Relations

    Welcome! My name is Jacob Sanchez. I aid in prepping the food and helping come up with the menu every week! I also have a bit of knowledge in culinary arts, as my family worked in the restaurant business for many years. I​ handle this website and making sure everything is running smoothly. I've been working with computers for as long as I remember and have taken many courses in graphic design, electronics technology, and a little bit of programming.


    I provide support for Johnnie and the customers, if you have any suggestions don't be afraid to reach out and let us know how we can improve our website! Aside from that, we encourage contact with us about good vegan spots around the area and all things alike!


    We appreciate all your support and will keep striving to keep your mind, stomach, and body happy!


Pennsylvania College of Technology

3 Years of experience working/managing in restaurants

Family Background


Certified Good Vibes

Food Handlers Certified

OSHA Certified

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